Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rock Hero.

On the one hand:

On the other hand:

Once upon a time, back in Guitar Hero 3, I had the time and attention necessary to at least become somewhat skilled at using the guitar peripheral – at least to the point such that I was able to play on Hard.

Two years since, I’ve lost that relative determination and I am now perfectly contented to play on medium. Medium gets the game finished, gets the single player experience out of the way, and leaves room for multiplayer fun.

Until Vyperchild comes along and kicks our arses with his “skill”.

But this is neither here nor there, as I imagine that the majority of players of Guitar Hero and Rock Band are as content as I to stop at medium – or even earlier – I have rather actively questioned the merit of The Beatles Rock Band.

So far, I’ve played half the game and, I hate to say it, I’ve found the game insufferably boring. I do not dislike The Beatles, but their music is just so slow. Guitar Hero Metallica, even on Medium, would work up a sweat. The tactile sensation of smacking that strum bar was so much more prominent because the songs were so much faster (and indeed a lot more challenging and frustrating on the same difficulty).

Mind you I’m not up to I am the Walrus Yet; and that looks awfully fun in the above video. On Expert, but still.

I question the merit of The Beatles as a flagship title for (either Guitar Hero or) Rock Band because of the speed of their songs and because of the difficulty associated with them. I look at the above videos and I see one game hard by its speed and length and I see another hard by its awkward button combinations for the left hand. I question which challenge would be more enjoyable.

I wonder, of course, if The Beatles were not put in front of the Rock Band brand name for no reason other than that they are The fracking Beatles.


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